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Ever-growing in popularity, fillers are used to revitalise and add volume to the skin, instantly diminishing the appearance of lines and wrinkles and giving a natural, softer, younger look. If you are interested in one of these treatments or would like to know more about our individual filler treatments, then get in touch with us today.


This type of dermal fillers are one of the popular aesthetic procedures, it is used for the following purposes:


  • Anti-ageing purpose: This was the original use of these fillers especially using it in area of the face that is affected by the ageing process, these include nasolabial folds and marionette lines.
  • Beautifying purposes: In the past 10 years, they have been used enhance certain features example lip fillers, or change the proportion of the face example cheek bones.
  • Corrective purpose: This is most recent which can be used in the nose to correct a dip or smooth a hump. In addition, used to smooth a depressed scar.
  • Skin boosting and skin structure strengthening: This has been perfected recently using low concentration of HA to be injected in the deeper skin which will allow significant hydration and stimulation of own body collagen. Furthermore, some dermal fillers have vitamins and supplements mixed with the filler to enrich the skin.

Hyaluronic acid, is mainly manufactured in labs. Currently dermal fillers have different consistencies that will enable us to use it in different parts of the face. Although fillers are unlike Botox ®, they are not a prescription medicine and can be extremely dangerous in the wrong hands or if not administered by a medical professional. One of the main dangers is causing blood vessel obstructions. We advise that you research your dermal filler clinic and make sure they have the level of skill and expertise that is required to carry out your treatment and always remember safety before beauty.

Hyaluronic acid will be gradually destroyed by body own enzymes so they are not permanent but can last over a year in certain types and areas.

Yes, we can use the similar enzyme to the one the body uses to destroy the filler at a higher concentration to destroy the HA. This is rarely used because we as an expert dermal fillers clinic we need to make sure that dermal fillers is the right treatment for you.

About 80% of the effect is immediate taking in to consideration some swelling that will improve over the next couple of days.

HA filler will start to be absorbed water gradually and increase it volume by about 10% so that is why it is important to hydrate on the day of treatment.

The procedure can be uncomfortable and it may be painful, but rest assured we will be using enough numbing product and allowing the right time to work before we do any injecting. In addition, most of the current fillers on the market have local anaesthetics mixed in with the syringe. Sometimes we use cannula as this will make the procedure safer and less painful.

After care is very simple, the following should be observed:

  • Keep hydrated
  • No make up for 4 hours after the procedure
  • Treat the treated area with care in the 24 hour because excessive pressure can push your fillers to a different location
  • No facial massage, peels, lasers or any treatment two weeks after the procedure

HA filler are collagen replacement so there is no dose limit or time interval and can be repeated till the desired effect has been achieved.

Fillers are only performed on consenting adults so you must be at least 18. For lucky young adults, we might ask for a proof of age.

These are best explained face to face. The rate of serious complication is very low. But you might want to consider the following are common side effects.

  • Discomfort during the injection
  • Swelling of the injected site
  • Redness
  • Not achieving the desired effect from one session

Rare complication:

  • Infection
  • Can flair up acne

Very rare:

  • Allergy
  • Lumpy feeling
  • Chronic infection

Extremely rare:

  • Blockage of Blood vessels

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