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Labia Rejuvenation

Here at Clinica Medica, we use Desiral Products for Labia and Vagina Rejuvenation. DESIRIAL® was created to restore the vulvovaginal area’s hydration, elasticity, tonicity, and sensitivity. This hyaluronic acid gel is directly injected into the tissues that need it. It contributes to reducing dehydration in the vaginal mucosa and strengthening the tissues’ quality.


DESIRIAL® is a fluid gel designed to restore hydration, elasticity, tonicity and sensitivity to the vulvo-vaginal area. It is also used to treat vaginal dryness. As the tissues in the vagina start to change, discomfort or a burning feeling may occur, as well as increased sensitivity or chronic irritation and itching, which in time may cause sores. To help counteract these symptoms, Hyaluronic Acid is injected directly into the affected area to limit dryness in the vaginal mucous and improve tissue quality.

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When injected, the hyaluronic acid gel directly enters the vulvo-vaginal tissues and efficiently helps rehydrate the zone. The product injected then indirectly creates a mechanical pressure on the cells in the vaginal mucosa, which in turn, stimulates their activity.

Through the stimulation of these cells, the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibres is boosted and therefore helps improve the overall quality of the vulvo-vaginal mucosa.

The female genital organs – like all organs in the body – are not immune to time, especially during menopause. At this point in a woman’s life, the tissues of the vulvar area are particularly affected by the decreasing oestrogen levels.

Without oestrogen, the vaginal mucosa becomes thinner and less hydrated, making it more fragile. The vagina starts to lose its suppleness and elasticity, while its natural protective mechanisms become less efficient, thus increasing the risk of vaginal infections2.

As a result, these physical changes can negatively affect a woman’s quality of life on a daily basis.

These intimate health problems are usually caused by a loss of elasticity in the mucosa and occur specifically during the menopause period. They can also occur in women of childbearing age.

A local anaesthetic may be suggested before injection of either DESIRIAL® and/or DESIRIAL® PLUS to ensure more comfort during the treatment.

DESIRIAL® is usually injected into the vulvar area and at the entry of the vagina. Your practitioner will use a needle when injecting to ensure that the product is administered superficially, just below the mucosal tissue to ensure rehydration of the area.

As for DESIRIAL® PLUS, your practitioner will inject it under the dermis of the outer lips (Labia Majora). To avoid any injuries, a cannula is used to safely disperse the product evenly within the outer lips. The procedure usually lasts 20 minutes.

DESIRIAL® allows you to reinforce hydration in the intimate area, right where you feel discomfort. The vaginal mucosa becomes less inflamed and the symptoms associated are diminished, such as: vulvar pain, which can also be felt during sexual intercourse (dyspareunia), irritation and itching.

DESIRIAL® PLUS allows you to restore volume loss in the Labia Majora, improving patient comfort and their quality of life. Through this treatment, the volume restored to the outer lips acts as a protective barrier for the vagina.

The improvement and preservation of your quality of life is an important benefit linked to this intimate care treatment, and can be appreciated rapidly after your appointment. Additional injection appointments may be necessary in order to ensure optimal and long-lasting results. Your practitioner will know which intimate care product is best suited to you: DESIRIAL® or DESIRIAL® PLUS. Ask them for more details and book your appointment.

It is important to tell your practitioner about any medicines or dietary supplements you are taking; some medicines can adversely affect the way the treatment works or increase your risk of bruising.

If you are taking supplements such as Gingko Biloba, Garlic, fish oils, St. Johns Wort or some pain killing medicines such as aspirin or ibuprofen, then these can increase your risk of bruising and it may be advisable to stop taking them a few days before your treatment. It is also advisable that you do not drink alcohol the night before your treatment, for the same reason.

Make-up will need to be removed prior to the  injections and you will be advised not to reapply it for 4 hours in order to reduce the risk of infection or irritation at the injection sites. Be aware of the necessary after care advice and that your schedule allows for you to follow it.

After Treatment:

  • DO NOT touch or rub the treated areas for 3-4 hours
  • DO NOT exercise on the day of the treatment
  • DO NOT apply make up to the treated areas for 3-4 hours
  • DO NOT use a sunbed for 7 days following treatment
  • DO NOT undertake facial massage, chemical skin peels or laser resurfacing for 7 days
  • DO NOT take aspirin for 48 hours. This will reduce the chance of bruising
  • DO NOT lie down, (i.e. remain upright for 3-4 hours.)



Vulval and Vaginal assessment

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Vulval and Vaginal Filler


Already had your assessment phone us to book 01413566969